Thursday, May 26, 2011

a running SWOT Analysis


The length of the word suits the definition; life’s pretty amazing if you just step out and consider the vast numbers of decisions, actions and reactions that are created in a single day..much less a month, a year.

It’s funny when you begin to compare yourself to others, race their races, train like they train….we all have to start somewhere but the reality is that each person is most likely searching for a solution that fits their own personal running needs – not yours. So when you consider what others are wearing or eating or what programs they follow to train, remember that your on your own path.

For those that might feel that a set structured program is a benefit..I agree, someone had to create it. Possibly for themselves or someone they know and thats great, I fully believe that the core dicipline of running can be taught and the initial benefits of an exercise regiment are irreplaceable but the natural ability of many will always trump.

I’ve read many articles, talk to many people firstly about intake whether it be salt or water, calories or other. I collected the information as reference , a base if you will to begin my own balance. Then I thought about shoes, something durable, tough , something off road worthy and found them!.

Later I spoke with others that would swear by something different.. going light, simple..Hey, they’re running with them and doing great! But that’s the allure; my sub-concience comparisons to others drive me to consider that their running results could then be magically transferred to me, regardless of genetics, physical capacity, body structure and the like.

A simple reality is that they most likely could have put on any shoe……any shoe……..and their race results still are something that I’d like to have.. you ran in what!, in elmo slippers!, were can I get some. Listen, I’m a marketer, I’ve been in advertising and PR, yet the futile search for mercurys' winged footwear is not wasted on me, I’d try some elmo slippers if I thought it could help.

I'd suggest putting together a "SWOT analysis", Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats; lets translate for running…..

Strengths: Distance? Pacing- are you the rabbit or the turtle? Ect. Write them all down…
Weaknesses: Same as above , scheduling, nutrition, water intake, clothes…ect
Opportunities: Scheduling – are you flexible to start a consistency in your training…. Education…ect.
Threats: Scheduling, upcoming surgeries you’re in need of, injury assessments and actions….

List these for yourself, sit down and write down at least 5 items for each category, some might seem tough but with some thought and a little enlightenment you’ll be fine…

Take these and look at them, make a decision for yourself what your priorities should be and just tackle one at a time…… before long you’ll be running comfortably in your own shoes…not someone elses…

There are some that can just run, they can wear the elmo slippers, train like crazy people and just run, avoiding injury scheduling issues and pretty much anything aside from the end of the world, not me, I’ve got to do an analysis, I’ve got to do research….right?

I have to persevere through scheduling and life balance, I listen, make note and compare these to my own personal SWOT analysis, I then try something different, mostly I don’t notice much, so I’ll try something else and it just goes on this way and I’m ok with that. That’s what’s so great about running; the trails will always change as will your running and the way you approach it, just don’t lose sight of the freedom and enjoyment you get from it because when all is said and done because it’s not the hat, clothes, shoes or stuff you intake that make you the runner you are…it’s just you… run.


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