Friday, June 3, 2011

Hydration and sweat rate:

Hydration and sweat rate:

Recently I found this short but sweet overview of sweat and hydration, a good first step when you really want to crunch numbers is to find your (PSW) Personal Sweat Rate – not sure why is not PSR but…I thought it worth mentioning…..

How to determine your sweat rate:
1. When well hydrated, do a short warm up and then weigh yourself naked. This weight will be called the pre-run weight.
2. Run for an hour in the conditions and intensity you expect to face in an upcoming training session or race.
3. Dry yourself thoroughly.
4. Weigh yourself naked. This weight will be called the post-run weight.
5. Subtract the post-run weight from the pre-run weight.
6. Multiply the number you calculated in step 5 by 16. [(pre-run weight - post-run weight) times 16]
7. If you drank during the 1 hour run, add the number of ounces you drank to the number you received in step 6,
Pre-Run weight: 160
Post-Run weight: 156
Pounds lost: 4
Drank 8 ounces of Water
(160-156) x 16 = 64
64 + 8 (ounces of water)
Total fluids lost = 72
**Try to replace 72 ounces of fluid each hour. When replacing fluids, It is best if you drink fluids every 15 to 20 minutes.

Wow.... I just realized thats 72 ounces!, for an extended run this seems overkill and will just be too much over a period of hours and hours..might need to recheck the values and adjust to your taste but the base of the content is still a valid way of understanding what your need to sustain your water balance.

Where does the Fluid Go?
Your body looses fluid:
• Urine
• Sweat
• Evaporation (other than sweat)
• Water used inside the body and respiration

Just run.


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